About Wear Meme

Wearmeme.com is brought to you live by the Internet.  We’ve been digging around the internet phenomenon of meme virals for a long time now.  Having grown beyond the piss-take “I have a dream” 5 min designs into something more serious.  We’re actually selling stuff, shit just got real.

Wearmeme.com is growing and as we attempt phase 2 “acquire our own t-shirt printing press” we are still in a transitional period whereby some of our products will be printed 3rd party by the kind peeps at Zazzle.  This does mean that in these cases Wearmeme cannot guarantee 100% the quality.  We’ve had no complaints yet, but you know, for the purpose of knowing everything’s done right – we really want to work towards making these designs ourselves.

So, thanks for all the support in 2010, keep buying t-shirts! We love you!

Tshirt Lockdown - Hand printed funny tshirts